20130504-225037.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

To say that this week has been a little rough on this child would be an understatement. From a fall, to her first cold and cutting a tooth, this kid has not been my happy giggly monster. Lets just say since I got home from work on Thursday night I haven’t really put her down. Like at all. She would prefer not to be more then 5 inches away from me at all times right now. I’m hoping tomorrow brings unstuffed noses and a happier girl. I hate seeing her so unhappy. She has decided she doesn’t like to lay down and sleep at night these past few days(I can’t blame her as when she does she sounds like she’s doing a baby darth vadar impression). It’s like I have a newborn again, walking the house until she’s exhausted enough to pass out.

This photo was taken before the sickness set in at our house, before the tooth starting causing trouble. I love how peaceful she looks. And the light from the iPad baby monitor is like magic.

Last week I loved this photo. The light is simply superb, something I’m finding myself drawn to more and more these days.

10 thoughts on “18/52

  1. Bless her little heart. This picture is beautiful. I hope the Darth Vader breathing stops soon. I was reading on Cup of Jo an article about how amazingly soothing a mother’s touch is to a baby, so sounds like she is getting just what she needs. Sending well wishes to you!

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