20130420-222810.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

I’ve been letting time slip away from me again. The days go by so quickly. Monday through Thursday I spend my mornings trying to make my babe as happy as can be, and getting in as much sleep as possible, because once I leave for work, naps are elusive. Then when I get home my evenings are spent attempting to wind down an over tired maniac. By the time Friday and Saturday roll around I just want to spend the day with this girl without worrying about prepping her for time apart. It leaves little time for cooking and baking.

Some days I still feel like quitting my job. It’s not that I don’t like it, I do. I hate feeling like my baby could be having better days if I were home. Then there’s the part where my body aches after sitting in an uncomfortable chair at a poorly set up desk.

I’ve still managed to photograph. I love her little feet sticking out of a long outgrown outfit that I still stuff her into. I’ve been lugging my camera around more and more which feels amazing. I’ve found myself seeing things through my camera lens again, something I’ve missed.

My favorite last week was this photo. The light, the composition. I found it quite lovely.

One thought on “16/52

  1. It gets easier – this going to work stuff. Looking at it from the other end, with kids fully grown, they watched their mother develop a professional life that was meaningful and made a difference in the world. Those are important things to teach your daughter, also. At some point you may want to consider developing your work life into something she can look to as a model for her professional life…..follow your passions and she will appreciate you for it!

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