20130412-212639.jpgI’m feeling extremely lucky today. Lucky for so many reasons. Lucky my babe is healthy and keeps getting stronger everyday. Lucky to have been given this amazing child. Lucky to be allowed to be her parent.

This new life we’ve stumbled into is so different then anything I expected. I am in love with this child. Madly. I feel so lucky to know her, to be her friend, her mother, her parent. She is the most amazing human being I have ever met. I feel so lucky that I am so happy being her mother. Not just being a mom, but her mother. It’s like everything I always felt was missing in my life showed up in this tiny little package of sweet smelling breath and soft baby rolls.

I feel incredibly lucky to have a husband and partner who is 10 times stronger then I, who picked me up at the beginning when I was terrified by it all. When I needed to mourn, he taught me how to be grateful.

I feel especially lucky today to have this perfect little heart baby snuggled next to me, having received a clean bill of health. Hearing her doctor tell me, that just looking at her Michelin Man thighs lets him know she’s thriving. Removing two more medications from her daily routine. And being ok with hearing when she’s an adult she may need a new tricuspid valve. Did you know that’s a thing? That doctors can simply craft you a new valve for your heart? Modern medicine is insane and awe inspiring, something I never thought I would feel or say. Parenting changes you in so many ways you never expected.

So today I’m grateful. And feeling oh so lucky.

4 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. It was so great to see you guys in Cold Wisconsin and we’re so happy to have met her who, btw, is so lucky that you’re her mom. Yep, made for each other. Hugs, and may warm weather be just around the corner.

  2. So happy for you and your girl. Clean bill of health?!?! That is AMAZING. These little ones are so surprisingly strong, I am in awe all of the time.

  3. ah yes, I too have felt extremely lucky. For almost 32 years now, with more than one. And now, it just keeps getting better. It truly does change your life. I am happy that your luck is also a part of mine. I am extremely happy her health is no fear for you this time. She has the best Mom and Dad. We all, are so lucky to have her.

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