20130330-234339.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

I went back and forth this week on which photo to use. There were some portraits which I loved, a shot of her in a busy kitchen with her grandpa, and this. Shot on my iPhone, in the doctors office before she got 4 shots. I hesitated to use this photo, low quality, hastily taken while trying to entertain her.

But I kept coming back to it. We’ve spent a lot of time in doctors offices, her and I and this photo just felt right this week. I love how it feels like she’s two different babies in this. She had a rough week this week and she kind of was two different babies. The happy giggly girl with me, and the cranky fussy pants with everyone else. It may have been the shots, or maybe she’s teething, or had a cold, or adjusting to my new schedule. Who knows. She’s been great the past few days so here’s hoping its passed.

My favorite from last week comes from James at bleubird. I love the photo of Milla Plum and her pug. I so hope that’s my babe with her puggle someday.

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