20130324-112224.jpg“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013”

This week began with St. Patricks day and our first venture into a large crowd with our babe. You see, all winter long we’ve kept her hidden away, to protect her from germs that could potentially harm her special heart. Each month she’s received a synagis shot, to enable her body to fight RSV if she were to contract it. Well she had her last shot this week, so it seems the medical community deems the majority of the risk over come April. So we’re beginning to take her out into the world. I’m hoping swimming lessons are in our future, introducing her to extended family and less worry will follow. We will however, still be avoiding sick people like the plague.

We started off this week at the St Patrick’s day parade. Her grandparents were in it and we wanted to have somewhere to take her all dressed up in green. She was amazing. Wrapped snugly on mine or her papas chest, she was happy and content all day. Even a trip into a packed-to-the-max Starbucks only produced giggles and squeals of delight. I could not have been more proud.

I took this photo while we were watching the parade. Her pink little cheeks, the only thing that got cold while we were out. I loved seeing her out in the world, taking it all in, unafraid while safely strapped to her papas belly.

My favorite this week comes from lamblovesfox. It’s a beautiful little series.

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