20130308-151729.jpgWell it’s Friday, and now just like the rest of the world, that means the weekend for me. This tiny maniac faired quite well this week. Can you tell? And yes, that’s a mesh strainer. On her head. She’s back to loving her grandparents, is getting better at taking a bottle, and slowly adjusting her sleep schedule.

Her momma on the other hand, is going to take some more time. This has been way more difficult for me then her. Exhaustion, depression, anger. I fear I’ve probably been a terrible beast to my husband this week. Not to mention how much my back hurts, and how much pumping at work SUCKS. Especially when you’re in a week long training session and have to keep explaining to different people where you’re going and why you’re late. I feel like I should just put a sign on my desk that says “gone pumping”. They’ve all been wonderfully understanding but it’s still awkward, not to mention extremely time consuming. Oh and then there’s the clogged duct that decides to pop up 2 hours into your day. Lets just say this has been an adjustment and my body is screaming “Nooooo!”

My meals have consisted of pizza, Mac and cheese, leftover Mexican, and cafeteria food. Thankfully I had a half day, and whipped up some banana bread in 10 minutes while my babe happily bounced away in her jumper. Hopefully this weekend I will be back with more recipes! Until then I leave you with my banana bread recipe.

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