I’ve been thinking all week, about how to write a post for you, about something I cooked, and the words just aren’t coming to me. Something has changed in this country since last Friday. Something shifted. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe being a new mother to a child who came dangerously close to death has made me more fragile. Seeing something so brutal and awful happen, it seems to have sort of broken us as a whole. Did things this atrocious always happen in our society and we only now live in a world of instant media to broadcast it? It seems like there’s something wrong, something broken, inside of all of us. I watched the coverage, while my tiny babe slept peacefully next to me, and looked at her beautiful face and lost it. I just kept imagining what it must have felt like to be one of those parents, rushing to that school to pick up your baby, and just waiting… I ache for those people. For the whole town. For our entire society to have to confront what is wrong with us. Because that’s just it. This keeps happening. People keep picking up guns, and murdering people. And there is something wrong with us. With our culture. With our community. Or lack there of. I apologize for this rant. For not talking about chocolatey cookies, or doughy cinnamon rolls. But some things are simply too much to stomach. Simply too hard to stay silent on. I thought about tucking this in a post about Christmas and food, and it just seems so wrong, and disrespectful. So pardon me as I digress. Something needs to change. Somehow, we need to fix our broken country. Begin to care about each other again. Not be so at war with one another. Somehow, we need to try, to breed a climate where are children are safe. And no one, no one, ever has to worry about their child being killed in school.

One thought on “Connecticut

  1. Not being a mother myself, I can’t quite take the perspective. But as I reflect on the 50 children I work with 5 days a week, they are so innocent, sure they display poor behavior on occassion, but they are 9, 10 and 11 years old. They have so much life ahead of them and as we have recently just experienced, that can all be ripped from their grasps in seconds. I can’t help but have a sick feeling in my stomach as I think about how that could have been us. I would have protected all of these children along with the 670 others in my school with my life, but these things should not even have to cross our minds as, parents or teachers.

    Katie, you are so right. Something needs to change, and it needs to change NOW. Love to you, Josh and Baby.

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