Of late…

20120611-124140.jpgBeginnings of s’mores brownies.

20120611-124246.jpgThe finished product.

20120611-124326.jpgChewy soft chocolate chip cookies.

20120611-124425.jpgRaspberry citrus bars. Soooo tart and sweet.

20120611-124522.jpgRidiculously large dessert tray.


20120611-124844.jpgSoft steamy sandwich bread.

20120611-125202.jpgSugared berries on dough.

20120611-125319.jpgRolled and sliced for another rise.

Just a little peak at what has come out of my kitchen that I just haven’t had time to tell you all about. Some are recipe worthy, so I’ll fill you in on those later. Others are just thrown together in a rush but still pretty to look at and delicious to eat.

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