Back from holiday land

20120104-154038.jpgThis Christmas I made this toffee topped with chocolate and citrus salt.20120104-154313.jpgI gave people this vanilla extract.

20120104-154655.jpgI made these way too hard passion fruit caramels.

20120104-154754.jpgAnd covered them in chocolate to disguise their jaw breaking ways.

20120104-154954.jpgI cooked down raspberries into jam to mingle with brie inside puff pastry bites.

20120104-155139.jpgI made hot cocoa mix and homemade Limoncello. Consider yourself lucky if you received some of the booze. It was quite lovely.

20120104-155838.jpgI made a boat load of cookies with my dad.

20120104-160120.jpgI made popovers from this cookbook and filled them with potatoes, peas and bechamel sauce.

20120104-160524.jpg I made homemade pasta from this and loved it just as much as the last time I made it.

20120104-160800.jpgI whipped up hundreds of cupcakes for the coolest New Years Eve wedding.

Hung out with some wacky cats at my mother in-laws.

And spent time with those I love the most.


20120104-161516.jpgI hope your holidays were as filled with love as my own and promise to bring you full posts and recipes soon!

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