Warm fall breakfast

Raspberries fresh farm the farmers market.

Milk.  Whole milk.  The only way to go when you’re cooking.

Peaches also from the market.

Again, with the market.  Syrup.

Raspberry stuffed, peach french toast.  In case you were wondering, the bread, also from the farmers market.  And the eggs used in the batter.  Everything in this french toast came from the market.  And I didn’t even plan it that way.  Go me.

One thought on “Warm fall breakfast

  1. OMG….this looks so good my saliva glands kicked in immediately. You’ve got some talent girl!!!! I LOVE your blog, commentary, pics and just wish you weren’t 3000 miles away so I could come eat at your place sometimes. ha ha. I’m very impressed Katie.
    Your California Cousin,
    Susan Lowden Jacobs

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