Searching for flour


I’ve been playing around with flour lately.  I really want to use a locally made organic brand.  I found some at the farmers market the other day and decided to test it out.


I bought wheat bread flour and wheat pastry flour.  The first thing I tried it with was a cookie.


I didn’t even take a photo of the finished product, they were too runny, and although tasty, not what I was looking for.


Next I made piecrust.


  That came out perfectly. 


 I made this delicious berry pie.


It was really good, and warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is something I dream about.


Next I tried turnovers.  I filled them with blueberries and cream cheese. 


 They were good, however I think the recipe I used for the crust could have used more sugar.  


The dough somehow tasted savory.  


So I glazed them with lemon sugar glaze.

Finally I made bread. 


 It was good, but it wasn’t perfect.  


It didn’t rise as much as I wanted and seemed too dense.



So, I decided this flour wasn’t what I wanted to use.  Sadly as I liked that it came from nearby and that I knew where the wheat was grown.  It’s probably for the best however, considering a small two-pound bag cost $5. 


I am still on the quest for the perfect flour.  When I find it, I’ll let you know.  I like the idea of knowing where all of my food came from, even the smallest of ingredients.

One thought on “Searching for flour

  1. I love your website – Joshua was so gracious to share it! You are such a gifted writer, photographer and baker! I grew up on a farm and watched my Mother bake/cook and learned to make everything she did – except pie crust. Never could master it. She made fresh bread (white flour) every day (eight children to feed). You pie/bread info brought back many wonderful memories and “smells” of my Mom’s kitchen – and I am now starving! Thanks for making my day!P.S. Happy Anniversary

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