Salad Shooter!


Remember Salad Shooter?


I definitely do.  I have a distinct memory of the scene from Benny & Joon where the men are playing poker, and Oliver Platt throws a salad shooter in the pot.  He sings the little jingle and everything.  Pretty much since seeing that movie as a kid every single time in my life I have uttered the words “salad shooter” I have sang them in the same fashion.  That movie rocks.


This really doesn’t have all the much to do with salad shooters; it’s really just a salad.  


Salad?  Yes, yes I do make savory things.  Every once and a while.  Or maybe every day.  I like to cook.  More then most normal 40 hour a workweek people.  A lot more then I like to do dishes.  I’ve yet to convince my husband that the dishes are his job every time I cook.  I’m still working on it though.


Back to salads.  


When spinach and lettuce are in season (locally that is) I attempt to eat a salad every day.  I won’t lie and say that I accomplish this goal, but never the less, I try.  I really like salads.  And runny poached eggs.  I could eat a salad with the right toppings as a meal every day.


This one is more of a side dish, but could easily be made into a meal.  I was inspired by a recent recipe from Martha Stewart.  Take this as more of a suggestion, then a recipe.  Get inspired to eat salad and put your own twist on it.  It’s easy.  



I chopped up some potatoes with shallots.  I crisped up some bacon.




I poached an egg.  I topped the spinach with the hot potatoes, shallots, and bacon. I drizzled it with olive oil and balsamic.


It was so good.


Runny egg yolk on a salad is like heaven.  Try it, even if you’re scared of runny eggs.  Try it.




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