Why don’t I live in France Fruit Tarts


I REALLY like fancy French pastries.  I want to go to Paris, just to eat.  


I pretty much love French food in general, but the desserts are a cut above anything else.  A new French bakery called La Baguette opened up here a few years ago, which I pass on the way to work almost every single day.  It takes serious willpower for me not to stop there every day.  Again, I would have linked to their site, if they had one.  What is with my favorite bakeries not having websites?  Way to undersell your deliciousness.


I like to get the fruit tarts when I go there.  My husband devours these things.  There’s just something about a perfect tart shell with lusciously smooth pastry cream and fresh fruit.  It makes utterly simplistic ingredients seem so much more expensive.


I’m not completely sold on the recipe I used.  Having never made these, or even anything close before, I looked up a random recipe online.  I really liked the pastry dough.  I overcooked it a bit, but it was tender and flaky, yet held together well.  The custard on the other hand seemed not quite right.  I think it was the egg content.  I plan on making these again, so when I find the perfect custard I’ll let you know.


Don’t let me mislead you.  These are good.  Eat 5 in a row good.


I made mini tarts in petit four shells.  You could easily use this to make one large tart or the typical smaller size tart you buy in a bakery.


You can find the recipe I used here.  Don’t be scared if your custard has lumps, put it in the blender or food processor and they will disappear.  If you use the blender, don’t forget to take out the center insert and cover it with a towel.  Hot liquid in a tightly closed blender=explosion.  Also don’t worry if the custard still looks lumpy.  


It’s probably air bubbles.


So try a recipe with room for improvement, maybe you will make it perfect and let me know the secret!

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